Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

5 Free Things You Can Do To Protect Your Storage Unit

by Anni Heikkinen

Self-storage is meant to protect your things until you need them again. And certainly, the self-storage facility will be the first line of defense against theft, loss, vandalism, and more damage to your things, but can you do more to help ensure their safety? Yes. Here are a few free things every renter can do to boost the security of their unit. 

1. Be Friendly 

One of the easiest ways to help the facility protect your things is to make yourself known to the staff and your fellow renters. This doesn't mean you have to delve into your (or their) life story, but rather it means just being friendly and comfortable with others. Staff and other renters will remember you—and they're more likely to notice and report if strangers try to access your unit. 

2. Don't Pack and Unpack

Prepare all your items for storage at home or in the office before you arrive at the storage facility. Place them in boxes, bags, or other containers out of sight of the storage location. This helps avoid advertising what you're storing or what has potential value to thieves. And when you take out items, place them in your vehicle and leave the area before opening up goods and exposing them to the public. 

3. Obscure Identification

If you store anything with obvious financial value, obscure what you have. For instance, don't pack high-value items in their original packaging or display brand logos. Doing so is more likely to draw attention. Pack original boxes or bags in other, nondescript boxes or bags to prevent identification. If you store valuables in clear bins, such as for inventory purposes, place them in ways to prevent passersby from seeing into the bins. 

4. Choose A Good Spot

If you can choose your unit, take a walk around the storage facility before selecting a spot. Indoor storage units are generally easier to protect than exterior ones. Look for units under the best lighting, within visual distance of the staff office, or away from the perimeter where access may be easiest. These choices help you help the facility protect your space. 

5. Check In Regularly

Many people put goods in storage and rarely if ever come back to check on them. Don't be like this. The longer your stuff is unattended, the less likely anyone is to notice anything missing or damaged. That also hinders anyone from finding the culprit. And observers may notice that no one visits your unit, making it a target. Set a check-in schedule and visit regularly.

Where to Get Help

Want more tips for developing habits that protect your items in self-storage? Start by visiting a local storage unit to learn more. 


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Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

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