Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Suddenly Having Too Many Belongings Creates A Need For Storage

by Anni Heikkinen

Sometimes a significant change in a person's life results in the need for a self-storage unit. This could happen due to inheriting a parent's possessions. It also can occur when a couple decides to combine households. People who suddenly have far too many belongings for their home may plan to get rid of some things, but they might not want to do so in a hurry.

Combining Households

A couple deciding to get married or become domestic partners may want to rent a storage unit if they have each been living on their own for years. Both of them probably have an entire household of belongings. If one moves into the other person's home, that individual might want time to sort through everything he or she owns.

This situation, although a happy one, is even more problematic when the household blend includes children. Rather than both adults jamming all of their possessions into one home or arguing about what to keep, renting a storage unit is a convenient temporary solution.

An Inheritance

A more difficult example is someone inheriting a home full of belongings from a parent. There's not enough room in the adult child's residence, and this person wants to sort through it all slowly.

Many people who inherit a lot of furniture and other items decide to have it auctioned off or hold an estate sale. However, that decision is not for everyone. A person may be too sentimentally attached to let go of everything so suddenly. Having the extra time allows the individual to get some emotional distance from the belongings and view them more objectively later. By renting a self-storage unit, they can afford to go through things at a more manageable pace.

The Advantage of Climate Control

Men and women who plan to sort through all of this stuff over time will probably prefer a climate-controlled unit. Most self-storage facilities don't allow customers to run a space heater inside for safety reasons and electrical demands. On hot days, a facility without air conditioning could be uncomfortable to do this work in. The temperature won't be as comfortable as in one's home, but it's much better than no climate control at all.

Getting Started

The first step is estimating the unit size needed for storing the items and having enough room to sort through them. Leaving space for a folding table or two along with a chair is helpful. Then it's time to contact climate-controlled facilities to learn about pricing, types of contracts, and other details. Contact a self-storage facility for more information. 


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Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

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