Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Tips For Keeping Business Paperwork Safe When Storing It In A Storage Unit

by Anni Heikkinen

As your business grows, you may find that there is not enough space to store all the paperwork you need to keep. A good solution for this problem is renting a storage unit. Using a storage unit is a cost-effective method to use for business purposes, and this option could help you keep your actual business more organized. If you decide to rent a unit, there are several steps you should take to make sure your business paperwork stays safe, dry, and easy to find in the self-storage unit you rent.

Steps To Keep Your Documents Dry

Water is an enemy of paperwork. If your documents get wet, it could cause the information to smear, and it could also lead to the growth of mold and mildew on the important papers. Water can seep under a storage shed door and cause damage, but water can also cause damage just from the regular moisture that is in the air. If you want to keep your documents safe and dry, you may want to follow these steps:

  1. Rent a climate-controlled unit – Climate-controlled units may cost a little more, but you will not have to worry about having too much moisture with this option. The unit will stay at a certain temperature all year round, and this could reduce your risks of damage due to moisture.
  2. Use pallets – Propping your boxes up on pallets is the best method to use to keep the documents off the ground. This would offer protection if water seeps under the door of the unit, and it is an especially important step to take if you choose a unit that does not offer temperature control.
  3. Pack in storage totes – While cardboard boxes may be cheaper, using plastic storage totes offers more assurance that your paperwork will stay dry while it is being stored.

In addition to waterproofing your paperwork, you will also want to spend time organizing it for storage.

Organize All Boxes Before You Bring Them

Having a storage unit offers a great way to reduce the amount of boxes in your business, but if you do not organize it properly, you may have a lot of trouble finding the documents you need when you need them. To prevent this from happening, you may want to complete the following steps:

  1. Organize the documents by type – Grouping similar documents in boxes will make it easier for you to find paperwork when you need it.
  2. Label the boxes – Placing clear labels on the boxes will also make the task of locating documents a lot easier.
  3. Stack by type – When you begin filling up the unit with your boxes, come up with a systematic method to use, and create a diagram if necessary. In addition, place the boxes you think you will need soon near the front of the unit, and stuff boxes you probably will not need in the back of the unit. You may also want to leave aisles in the unit to allow you to easily access all the boxes you store.

Good packing and storage methods will eliminate problems later on, and you will be glad you took the time to do this when you need something from the unit.

Limit Access To The Unit

The final thing to consider is how you will keep the unit safe. Choosing a storage facility that offers surveillance cameras is a good place to start, but you can also keep your unit safe by installing a quality lock on the door. This is especially important if you plan on keeping documents in the unit that contain sensitive information. You could also keep the key to the lock yourself or give it to a trusted employee.

By following these steps, you can be certain that your business documents will be safe and sound while they are inside the unit you rent. To learn more, contact a storage unit facility like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc


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Storage Units Make Spring Cleaning Easier

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